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Until I figure out a better name for my blog, and until it actually evolves into a niche, I have chosen the clunkiest, worst domain name, for lack of imagination. But here I am, because I think I have some interesting stuff to put out there.

Currently, I am a new medical transcriptionist. I chose Medical Transcription for a career because it will allow me to work from home with flexible hours. This way, I can be available to my family while also earning an income.

On my journey while studying Medical Transcription, I have learned and probably will continue to pick up, a few handy tips on how to solve minor computer/keyboard problems, or quicker ways to do things. I will post them on this site, because in my searches, I have found that not all answers out there helped me solve them on my system. Hopefully they will be of help to somebody. 🙂

I also love my kids, as you do yours–I know–and we all need an outlet to show off the uniqueness of what our kids are doing. I know I love it when I visit a blog, site or YouTube video of someone’s kid who’s come up with an awesome idea that me and my kids wanna try. So in part, I started this blog to also have a place to release the awesomeness of the two that I have left at home. They also LOVE to create their own videos, so this blog might be a great place for them to safely experiment with their own creations–mom approved, that is. So be ready for a little lesson in hamster care, or boy stuff, or something that they want to try. Feel free to share your tips in return. Comments are welcome, and are moderated for content. To contact me personally:


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    • Sure Amber, I would love to answer your questions. I will do my very best to answer them all, and if there are any I cannot answer, I will be very happy to refer you to someone who likely can.


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