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About the Scripture Daily Podcast

Scripture Daily podcast introduction before release October 10, 2014

October 10, 2014: Scripture Daily is a free daily bible reading podcast that for a very long time I have had the desire to produce.  This project has burned within me and has never left my mind.  About 4-6 years ago or maybe even earlier, I had begun this same project in video format on YouTube, but I gave it up for a few reasons.

First, I never felt at peace about reading a bible for public listening when there was a copyright on it.  The more I created episodes, the more convicted I felt about it.  Secondly, setting up the lighting, and changing the scene on a daily basis and ensuring the kids were working on a very quiet project or were in bed for the night was too time consuming for me, being a mother and wife.  Painfully, I laid my project down, prepared to one day return to it when I had the time.

Now, this past 6 months to a year, I am feeling that there is a dire need to pick up this project again.  Why? From what I am seeing and hearing everywhere within my circles, through letters that arrive asking for donations from aid organizations, from listening to the news, and even just a few personal conversations with people here and there, I am hearing what I perceive to be either personal desires of people to grow in faith or a fear or an anxiousness being perpetrated by mainly the news.  Every time I step back from reading news or a conversation or from watching a news broadcast about Ebola, ISIS, Gaza, Palestine, Israel, the New World Order, etc., I am strongly reminded of Scripture Daily.  It just does not leave my heart.

I believe the desire to do this is from the Lord.  Many human desires can be proven to be fleeting and not of God when they are laid down and left to rest.  It is when that desire is put before the Lord in prayer and when confirmation comes regularly, and the idea never fades that I believe one can safely accept an idea to be from the Lord.  Then comes the next step, obedience.

I don’t feel qualified to do a podcast of daily bible reading, but I certainly am prompted on a very regular basis to take it up.  I also am, perhaps, dragging out the process and resisting doing it for a few reasons.  I will tell you my reasons, because I believe it is important to be transparent, and approach things in a humble manner, not full of pride.  In this way, perhaps you will understand my heart on why I am doing this.  I resist taking this project up because I think I do not have the ideal voice for this.  Couldn’t our pleasant sounding “Siri”, or “Jane” do a far better job than I could, or another professional voice actor?  In fact, there actually are people out there doing this already, and they are doing a perfect job of it.  But then when I present this argument, I am reminded of Moses’ conversation with God.  God required obedience, in spite of Moses’ resistance.

Here are my other reasons: There may be those that are critical, and will I respond effectively, will I know when to ignore and when to speak up? Will I lose all my friends? What if I start this, and I can’t finish it?  What if I say something wrong, you know, what if one day I chat a little on the podcast after the reading, and I end up saying something that is not correct about God’s word?  What if I get brave enough to comment on the reading of a day, say something, and it’s totally misinterpreted?  I am no bible scholar or theologian.  Also, there’s the argument of the amount of time it takes, I have no royalty-free music to intro in and out, I don’t have the money to purchase a license to pay for nice, good quality intro music.  [December 29, 2014 EDIT: Just before Christmas 2014, I was given permission and blessing from Kimberly and Alberto Rivera to use their wonderful music in my podcast!  So now I don’t have an excuse to hold off just because it won’t sound nice, because it will!]

About five months ago I found a bible that is easy to understand and has been given to the public domain, so I now don’t have an excuse that I don’t have permission or can’t afford a license to buy the rights to read a bible, (which is over $10,000 by the way).  Then, as I am sifting through my arguments, I am prompted to produce it in spite of them.  I believe it is time for me to just be obedient.  This idea is burning in my heart, has burned in my heart for many years, and the desire to do it just won’t go away.

Do you want to know what finally got me to writing this post and producing my first podcast today?  I was in prayer with the burden of this vision for reading the bible daily for others, and wanting to go for it and at the same time resisting it just this past week [October 10, 2014].  “Why won’t this desire go away?”  I asked the Lord.  My family and I were on a much needed and pretty much first ever trip which was solely family vacation–no conferences, no personal stuff such as a wedding or funeral or family gathering–it was just us.  On the way back home, shortly after we left the city of Edmonton, I had a quick look at Facebook, and someone had ‘liked’ a post by a lady who said,

“If Jesus has told you to do something, just do it! Don’t think about how hard it is or how long it will take or how ill-equipped you feel.  Just do it!  His grace is sufficient.”

My stomach leaped.  I believe that word was for me.  I felt convicted that such an accurate word on what was troubling me was right before my eyes.  And so, in obedience, imperfection and humility, I give you this podcast, “ScriptureDaily”.  First podcast to begin January 1, 2015.

I hope you like it, and if you don’t, that’s absolutely okay.  I’m here to be obedient, not for fanfare. Feel free to leave your comments below.

~ God bless you.

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