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ScriptureDaily Bible Reading December 31, 2015

Today’s Daily Bible Reading December 31, 2015


Well! Today marks the final episode of this year’s daily Bible reading.

As I now am working a full-time job, I must lay this project down for a season until I have the time to pick it up again. That timeframe will likely be for many years, and when I do pick it up again, I would like to give it its own site online. So maybe we’ll meet again? That’s for God to decide. I will definitely miss doing this. I already have been missing it since about two months ago, when I knew that this year was ending. It was an awesome experience, and confirmed within me many times all throughout the year just how important Bible reading is to the health of the soul, and for spiritual strength, especially when the world is in as much turmoil as it is in. I can’t describe what this project did for me. I’ve been a Bible reader for a long time, but reading it aloud for others makes a difference.

Facts in the Bible settled in better for me, and I definitely gained a better understanding reading it this year than I had in all my past Bible reading altogether. As a result, I have gained a desire to dig deeper, to seek more answers to the connections that I had noticed this year. I can’t recommend enough to everyone the importance of reading this forever book. It is just that–a forever book–God’s word does not return void, and it gives us a very clear picture of God’s intentions for the future.

Once again, I would like to say a massively huge “Thank you” to Alberto and Kimberly Rivera for granting permission for the use of their music, and to K-Anthony, for granting permission for the use of his music and video as well. Their music was exactly what this podcast needed.

So maybe I’ll see you sometime in the future with a new site and a new Bible reading podcast, the Lord willing. As for this blog, in time I will lay it to rest, as I haven’t got much time to regularly post anymore. I haven’t decided when that will be. One day I might re-emerge with a dedicated “ScriptureDaily” site and podcast, but if that were to happen, God would have to shuffle a few things in my life so that there is time for it.

Happy New Year to you and your families. God bless you.

Here is today’s Bible reading, you will be redirected to SoundCloud for the audio player:


Music is used by permission. It is available at kimberlyandalbertorivera.com (not an affiliate link). Facebook users, click the link to be directed from Facebook to SoundCloud to listen.


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